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Question: Have you ever tried 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) before as a NATURAL supplement to help with SLEEP? * Did it help with sleep? * Getting to sleep? * Staying asleep? * Did the 5-HTP have any effect on you good, bad, or did nothing at all for you?

Answer: My problem is not being able to fall asleep, and I have tried a few things that have helped. 5HTP was one of them. (SJW and prescribed antidepressants also worked.) Yes, I currently take 150mg 5HTP and it helps me with the insomnia a lot. I don't often lie awake unable to drop off, and generally fall asleep easily. Staying asleep is not often a problem for me. It made me drowsy and spaced out in the first couple of weeks, but that went away. More than 150mg gives me palpitations. Overall I recommend it.

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