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Question: Herbal, diet supplements to help with cancer and treatment side effects? My father has just recently been diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. It's in the second or third phase (the test results will show on Friday the progression of the cancer). So I was wondering if anyone could recommend any (good) websites about herbal, diet supplements that can help him deal with the cancer as well as the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation?

Answer: Well, some people may disagree with me but thc is the best med against side effects. There is a legal insurance paid for thc synthetic pill called marinol that he can get. If he uses real mj, he MUST tell his doc because precautions will need to be taken. It is also better to use real mj either by eating or chewing rather than smoking. Also, while not herbal or really natural, diet meal replacements shakes or bars like Boost or Slimfast or any of them will be good for him to use in addition to whatever he can keep down. Chances are his diet will be poor during treatment and these things will given him the extra calories and protien he needs. Ginger can help with nausea. As can accupressure and controlled breathing. He will need lots of sleep. He will be exhausted from th treatment for one, but the body heals itself while asleep. Also not natural, but carbonated drinks will also help with nausea, ironically sometimes they work better when flat. Bland carbs are the best thing to try to eat because they dont have strong smells or tastes. Although, being that it is gastrointestinal I wonder if there will be additional diet restrictions? (He will already be on a neutropenic diet during treatment... neutropenia is when the white blood cell counts drop below a certain level.. specifically the absolute neutrophil count below 1.0.. This will entail NO fresh fruits or veggies, NO unprocessed or unpasturized foods, and EVERYTHING especially meats MUST be cooked thoroughly) Aloe is great for the skin. The chemo and the radiation both may cause skin side effects like burns. In my case the chemo basically burned me from the inside out. I used things like aloe and eucerin creme. And some of the Chicken Soup books. Most of the stories will make anyone cry their eyes out. While that may not really be his genre, it helps to know you are not alone in the situation. Along the same lines, a support group is good, as well as a psychologist and he may want to think about anti depressants.

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