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Carrot Skin Care

Question: What are some facial skin care products that don't have petroleum in them? My skin has become extremely sensitive due to GLOBAL WARMING and I feel very determined to change my entire skin care line from Neutrogena to a more trusted brand.. what's out there.. pure coconut, carrot, olive, shea, or something a long those lines.. thanks!

Answer: There's a range of skincare products called Miessence. They are 100% certified organic and definitely DO NOT contain petroleum. AND they are a carbon neutral company so they don't leave their carbon footprint on the world either. They do their ordering on line and you get things delivered to you very quickly. I've had things sent to me in the States as well as Australia. Also, if you check out the website (I've put it in the 'Source' section) there's a lot on other environmental information there. Hope this helps,

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