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Question: This is a homework question. Does anyone know how to make a EFAS and IFAS summary table? Internal and environm environmental table. this is a Strategic Management and Business Policy question for my homework. Thank you, what are the most important threats to write and opportunities of a successfull, person starting out before they became successful?

Answer: I think I can help I actually had to do both of these tables in my report I did for my strategic management class I took in May of this year my report was on American Airlines. Your external assessment will contain the opportunies and threats that the company will have to deal with or may have to deal with in the present and in the future. For example: External Assessment Opportunities--- The airlines is a necessity product because people will always need to travel ---An alliance with British Airways ---Technonlgy: Total use of online service, self-serve stations and SABRE system ---Get competitors' customers to fly American Airlines Threats--Fear of flying by consumers since 9/11 ---- Security concerns --- Delays caused by security procedures --- E-Business --- Strong competition like boats, trains, cars and other major airlines --- Shorter vacations becoming more popular Now along with the above assessment I had to include a EFE Matrix and IFE Matrix which is easy to do all you had to do is re-list your opportunities and threats and put a weight and rating to them You have the Internal Assessment that lists the strengths and weaknesses of the company done the same way as the external assessement. The external looks at the things that will harms the company from the outside and the internal from the inside of the company. Alot of the information for my assessments I found on the company's financial reports and the history of the company. I hope this helps you.

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