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Ginseng Tea

Question: Is it okay to consume ginseng tea while also taking Metformin? My grandma has high blood sugar and her doctor prescribed her a low dosage of Metformin to lower it. I just read on the internet that ginseng tea can lower blood sugar, so I recommended that she start consuming some. However, I want to know if there is any kind of drug interaction between ginseng (in a tea-like form - shredded ginseng submerged in hot water) and the drug Metformin. If anyone has any info about this, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Answer: No worries, I was taking ginseng and green tea the whole time I was taking Metformin. Tell granny that controlling blood sugar is much easier if you remember two things.... stick to wholesome, natural foods and to avoid refined, man made carbs. She should be out walking for at least a half hour a day, also.

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