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Healthy Meals

Question: Healthy Meals? I am trying to eat healthier. I have to go grocery shopping today. What should I include and what type of meals can I make with these items? Please feel free to email me if you have a detailed recipe or something long. Thanks in advance. P.S. I have a very limited taste bud. I am used to soul food, my mom is from down south, so I usually cook alot of greasy, fried, unhealthy meats. I'd like to still get a soul food taste without all the fat.

Answer: I sent you a recipe:) You can still eat the same foods, just have to change the way you prepare them. Use safflower oil instead of vegetable oil- (An oil spray is great so you don't use as much) Bake instead of fry choose lean cuts of meat Add more veggies it's all about the seasoning when you are trying to eat more healfully;) Good luck!

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