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Mega-T Green

Question: How fast does Mega T green tea work? So i need to lose as much belly fat as possible before this Saturday. I'm doing a lot of sit-up's and working on a torso track. I considered the thought of mega-t green tea so how much do yuh think i can lose if i eat less than one meal a day for a week and some exersise along with with pill. please dont tell me anything i dont wanna hear, thank you!

Answer: hi i have just answered a similar question, no need for pills if you read my below answer ok, no quick fix will do the trick. if u r serious about losing weight, then you should do it the wright way. u can lose about 1 pound (of fat) a week if you cut down ur calories intake by 500 and burn 500 by working out. sometimes taking it easy is safer, you don't want to end up having an injury in your knees or ankle here's what i believe is a healthy way to lose fat - eliminate fat,sugar,alcohol (if u drink), coke and other fried food - drink water to help your flush fat - your work out should ideally consist of cardio and weight training - try circuit training ( full body workout) 3 days a week and between your weight training day do 30-40 minutes of cardio (ex: sat: cardio, sunday: weights, monday:cardio,etc) and take one day off you shall see results after the first 6 weeks, by week 12 you'll notice tremendous changes, try to take a foto before and after 6 weeks and 12 weeks to monitor changes

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