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Sea Vegg

Question: an alternative sea vegatable supplement to sea vegg by scott kennedy? i was wondering if there were other sea vegatable or sea weed supplements too the popular sea vegg by scott kennedy. i want to stop taking it because i just relized it has so many additives in it like silicon dioxide etc. even the new super sea vegg has it as well. also i want to take a sea vegatable supplement that has more than just on or two types because its best to get a varity not just one or two. thanks!

Answer: We like BioNutrition Micro Algae, BioSuperFood here. Web address on the bottle is I was thinking there was another address for it too, with more info about how it is made. Very impressive manufacturing process to keep it heavy metal and toxin free, as well as additive free. Only other ingredients are Water, glycerin and veg gelatin (for the capsule I assume). This has four types - spirulina pacifica, spirulina platenzis, dinaliella and astaxanthin.

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