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St St John's Wort

Question: Is Having Nightmares A Common Side Effect For People Taking St. John's Wort Supplements? I started taking st johns wort tablets four days ago and since then I never stopped having nightmares during sleep. Is this a common side effect? and does it go away? or should I stop taking them?

Answer: I would say yes,it's quite possible. St Johns Wart acts in the brain similur to most antidepressants,it keeps Serotonin(the brain chemical) in your brain longer to help you "feel better" so to speak...but like ANY antidepressant,I'm sure it could cause nightmares and other things/side effects. I would say stop the SJW if you think it's giving you issues,and instead try "5-HTP",it's available in most herb/vitamin isles,and it is also a Serotonin "helper",however is a bit different than SJW. It's about the same price too...good luck!

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