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Question: I have had 2 miscarriages! How can I find out if I have a vitamin b or progesterone deficiency or possible? out of whack blood sugar level? Any ladies who have had miscarriages & than found out why & then went on to conceive? Thanks for those who have responded! Your experiences give me hope!

Answer: Hi-OK since this one has been sent to me personally-I will give as thorough an answer as I can: Yes progesterone plays a huge role in miscarriage....and in rare cases/a rare condition based on vitamin B deficiency can also cause problems. Let me further explain...1 out of every 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage due to a one time genetic defect in the fetus. It is not necessarily due to your egg being unhealthy or your partner's sperm being unhealthy but ore than likely what occurs when the two are combined to form a fetus. Addressing the progesterone problem: up until 8-9 weeks your body is producing the vital progesterone it takes to support a healthy pregnancy then it shifts to your placenta producing the progesterone. If at this point there is not enough progesterone being produced - your body will miscarry. Supplementation at this point will not help you to prevent the miscarriage Progesterone deficiency (is primarily found in those that have 26-27 day cycles). If you are tested and found to have no progesterone deficiency (or a steadily dropping production rate) after the placenta has taken over-it is no guarantee but miscarriages are less likely to happen due to Progesterone Deficiency. But once the decline starts - miscarriage is inevitable and cannot be prevented. The majority of miscarriages that occur could not have been caused or prevented-due to all the factors that play in to normal development. It takes extensive testing to see a lot of things effecting pregnancies and then a lot of them happen simply because lack of health on the fetus. In regards to Vitamin B deficiency's is a very rare inherited blood disorder caused by the subunit B of Factor XIII-which deals with blood clotting issues and stabilization. You can be tested for both deficiencies if you can health insurance that covers it or have the means to cover the costs. If you discover that it is not either factor: I can recommend one website to concerning articles on how to get in your best pre-pregnancy shape. I also have my all-time favorite book choices (have given it as a gift countless times to my TTC friends). #1) is Beth Kileys, Personal Path To Pregnancy. I consider her to be almost a pro on the subject due to her years of exhausting research that she did in the face of her own fertility issues and the hundreds of testimonies I have read that women have now successfully gone on to have several children after following the means/methods of practice that she suggests (as well as Beth herself now having a couple of children). She talks about everything from preconception factors/influences, nutritional therapies for those TTC, What to do if low sperm count is an issue,alternative treatments to help you conceive faster, which vitamins enable the body to prepare for pregnancy, what to do if you have irregular periods, even a suggested beverage that helps the embryo implant in the uterus....etc. I love her advise because being in my mid 40's now-I have had countless friend from their mid thirties forward have difficulty getting pregnant. All of them had the initial idea to run to a dr. and seek medical intervention in getting pregnant. I told them go have your baseline blood work done-get checked for abnormalities of any kind, BUT before they considered any expensive (and not guaranteed treatments)-first PLEASE read the book that I had given them. I am happy to say that only one of my girlfriends had to go the full route and seek medical intervention via invitro. Beth Kiley's research runs very close in line to what I did on my own as a RN ( who btw - at the time faced fertility issues of my own and very much wanted a child). It didn't happen for me but it became my passion to help anyone else that had a glimmer of hope to have the child they so very much wanted. Another viable nutritional suggestion is a book called Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC. I also recommend it since it is in line with my thinking to try first naturally. It has a plethora of information concerning drug free remedies, vitamin/mineral usage, -as well as herbs and food supplements that can be used when you have fertility (miscarriage) problems. The secondary set of books that I recommend and also give as gifts all the time are for after conception: (SEE positive thinking here-think you will probably need these in awhile) What to Expect When You Are Expecting and What to Eat When You are Expecting. They are two books written by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkhoff and Sandee E. Hathaway, RN. I hope this information has been of some help to you-best of luck in your pursuits and feel free to shoot me a question anytime.

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