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Vitamin B3

Question: Does Niacin Vitamin B3 Cover Up Traces Of THC? I have done some research that tells that Niacin covers traces of THC to fool a drug test, but does the THC deplete in the same amount of time that it regularly would without the interference of Niacin? Also, how many MG of this vitamin and how often? Thanks.

Answer: it can if you haven't smoked a whole lot of it. if you know when you're going to be tested, start taking the pills a couple of days ahead. if not, they're not going to do you any good if you take them a few hours before the test. take 2 to 3 every couple of hours. there are some bad side effects though. it will make you really itchy and turn you red. also, i have stomach ulcers and they really irritated them. i'm no doctor, but i don't think it would be life threatening if you only took a few every 4 to 5 hours. you can buy niacin @ the drug store for like $5.... pretty cheap.

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