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Xango Juice

Question: Xango juice? Im not very gullible for all these miracle cures that are on tv all the time but, since my mum was diagnosed with cancer, we have been looking around for some remedies to help. I was just wondering if anyone out there has tried it and had results for what ever ailment... And ant effects that one you have had. Thank you for your answers!

Answer: I have been taking Xango for over a year now and noticed that my immune system is really built up I haven't had a cold since taking the juice. Also the reason I started drinking Xango is because my dad died from Cancer and I wish there was this juice back in 1995 when he died then maybe he would be a live today. So I am taking it for my health and not to mention to maintain my weight also. I lost 20 pounds this last year too. Go Xango!!!!

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