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Acai Berry

Question: Acai Berry??????????????????? I am going to try Acai Berry fresh. But not the diet, the cleanse. which is supposed to clear your stomach off all junk. along with it i am going to take the Acai Berry fat burning thing, its is just supposed to help clear your digestive tract and burn calories. To everyone who has tried the Acai Berry Diet or the Cleanse, is it worth it? or should i try slimquick!?!!?! (the pill) thanks! <3

Answer: "While the acai berries themselves do not show clinical data to support weight loss on their own, it seems when the acai berry is blended with other weight loss herbs and ingredients the results can be astounding. " Quote from one of my research sites. All of them pretty much say the same thing. It's not JUST the Acai, it's Acai in combination with other herbals that produce the best weight-loss effects. I can recommend a "herbal prescription" for weight-lose and/or body clensing, but I charge a small fee for the research request. Hope this helps, Celestial Beginnings (Leslie Crenshaw)

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