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Anorexia Treatment

Question: What is the best treatment for Anorexia Nervosa? I really need to know what the best treatment is for anorexia, I have a really good friend that needs it and her mom asked me and I would really like to help.

Answer: your friend obviously has a lot of pain inside is like anyone who drinks to excess,takes hard drugs,self harms,or overeats every single day,to reach the inner core of the problem may never be revealed simply because the mental anguish of telling anyone is too much for that person to deal with so they just bottle it up and it manifests itself into one of those problems stated above,the solution therefore is this;a really good hypnotist will gently release all the inner demons and awaken within your friend the will to self recovery,they have saved literally millions of lives over the years with simple but extremely effective techniques by re programming the sufferers mind out of the darkness and back into the light,what the mind can conceive and believe it then can achieve........

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