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Question: How can I make an apricot glaze out of fresh apricots? So I want to make a fruit tart, and it says I need an apricot glaze. However, I don't have apricot preserves that is needed to make it. Is there a way I can make the glaze out of fresh apricots instead of apricot preserves?

Answer: This workes well with raspberries, and I think it will work with apricots. Take about a quarter of your apricots, peel and slice them. Put them in a pot with about a cup of sugar and a half a cup of water and boil them on medium heat. Reduce the mix until it is about as thick as a cream style soup. This will make what is called a coulis. The sugar and water should puree the fruit and give you a smooth sauce. mix that with the rest of your fruit, and bake it off like normal. The procedure I just gave can be used on any soft fruit to make a dessert sauce. If you need to put in the blender and puree it. Hope that helps.

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