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Ballanced Meal

Question: Can you believe im 5'5"? woah. im 81.3 lbs and 5'5". so i went to the doc today and she said just to eat healthy and stuff and to eat fruits and vegetables and stuff, and she gave me like a packet with my stats and a graph that says that im just a little below the "ok" weight for a 14 year old and stuff but she didnt really say anything about it. it says on the sheet "her growth and development are normal." but my bmi is 15.59. is that BAD!?? she didnt say anything other than eat a healthy 3 balanced meals a day. if i eat 3 ballanced meals a day b, l, and d, will that make my weight go up!? will i get a "normal weight" ? and what would be a good weight for a 14 year old 5'5''? thank you. ♥ ps. she said im close to starting my period soon. didnt say exactly in what time frame but anyway... YAY!!!! im happy! i thought i was like 4'11 or 5'0. no i dont! ive seen people get their's at 76 lb or 80. why the hell does everyone have to be so mean?! im just happy! dont tell me you werent!! IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

Answer: dont be happy about ur periode. you might be but once you get it you hate it. i was so excited about getting mine but whoa was i wrong. it sucks. but its just another part of life.

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