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Berry Goji Juice

Question: Is goji berry juice good when your having chemotheraphy?

Answer: Hi Nikka, That is a wonderful question for me to answer, as I have lots of personal experience with this. My name is Carmen, and I am Cancer Free as of Feb 06. I had to take Chemo first, then Surgery, Then Radiation. I have tried every Liquid I could find, and every one of them gave me some nutrition.but I did not actually have any positive healing results, or feel better until My Aunt mailed me a bottle of LimuPlus. I can tell you that I am sure it was the Russian Adaptagens, The Fucoidan from the Limu Moui, as well as the Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Trace Minerals Along with lots of other things I CANNOT pronounce that changed Everything! I had a whole list of things that was wrong with me, besides Stage !!! Bilateral Carcinoma , that I needed help with. After my radiation, My Thyroid gave out(the Endocrinologist said it was not related to the RADIATION) HA! Anyway, I took the LimuPlus, because My Aunt said it worked, and I trusted her. She had came through an Ordeal that had caused her to be disabled as well, and WITHOUT surgery. She says it was nothing but the LimuPlus! My Own Experience Will Go Down in History in My Book. Every single issue I had on my list was relieved after about a month of drinking this bottle she sent me. The bottle lasted me about a month, and I was ready for more when It got low. I have only been without my LimuPlus twice since I started using it, and I SWORE ( and I don't everj swear!!!!) that I would never go without it ever again! I have tried other drinks in the times I was out of LimuPlus, if someone had given me some to try, and There is just none other for me. WHHHEEEEWWWWW!!!! what a long story, but to make it short. I found the best, and to save my friends from all have to test them all out, I let them know, I've tried the rest, and LimuPlus is the BEST! My Entire extended family buys it by the case. I have a cousin that Re-Sells it, and he buys 8 bottles at a time, so when he tells people, they can buy it asap. My 85 year old GrandFather is the healthiest, Strongest 85 year old I have ever seen, and he will not do without his LimuPlus, he recently had a surgery that he has been needing for years, and the nurses said last week, that they cannot believe that he is so strong after his heart valve was replaced, he is recovering nicely, and I am pretty sure if he had not have been drinking the drink, thanks to my Aunt, then he would not have been as strong and able to handle the surgery so well. I believe in LimuPlus 100% and am sure you will have wonderful results, just like me and my 10+ family members that love it. God is with you, Stick with him. Carmen

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