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Body Cleanse Detox

Question: I want to do a body cleanse/detox, can anyone recommend one? I want to do either a colon cleanse or a body detox, but not one that is much longer than a week. Preferably just one that lasts a few days..can anyone recommend one? I basically want to be less bloated, clean the junk out of me, and maybe lose a few pounds...

Answer: Magnesium Citrate in a bottle. Can get it in any store near you. About 2 dollars and you don't have to go to hardcore measures like going to the doctors and getting your colon cleansed nor body pumping(EXPENSIVE) lol.It will help like nothing anyone can get for you. I personally use it every two weeks just to stay Healthy because I also have bloating will cleanse you in about two days just make sure you are near a bathroom.By the way every time I use it HONESTLY i lose about 3 pounds and yes I fell Like A NEW MAN!!!!. Good luck:)

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