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Question: bodybuilding? i need to know the exACT nutrition intake and substance iv got some muscle and weight gain powder now but i need an in tense intake of everything. from everything like creantine, (i dont know what that is) different powders bla bla bla, i need to know the exact intake and substance of witch i need to exceed for intense bodybuilding. tell me what to buy, what to take, what hours of workout and again next intake please, best answer gets potins. cheers guys.

Answer: Hey Jimmy, different bodies react differently to different methods and supliments etc etc. I know youve probably heard this a million times before that there is no magic powder that will create results over night. However creatine retains water in the muscle and therefore acts as leverage to accomplish heavier kilos. It worked wonders for me, i took as it in the morning, before bed and just before a workout. Drink shitloads with it and you should feel some difference. Tribulus was another sup that i really noticed 'feeling' change. It boosts testosterone and will give you extra grunt. It is extremely important to have lots of protein powder. You can buy tubs of whey protein at health shops or GNC. have as recomeded on tub in morning, after workout and before bed. Nutrition is half the battle with muscle gain and again it all comes down to your metabolism etc. The vague direction is to have six fist size meals a day spread out to keep youre metabolism burning however i sduggest speaking to a dietitian if your budget allows or further study what works best for you. High protein is best. You must be persistant and keep routine with meals and if you cant find time for this there are meal replacement supliments on the market. It is difficult to advise on an exact nutrition and substance evaluation for you however step into youre gym and speak to a personal trainer and they will bw more than happy to design a plan for youre desired outcome factoring youre biological makeup, metabolism etc. hope this is a rough pointer. Good luck bud!

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