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Question: break...............? we took a break in around march. she wanted it. so i just said ok then. we texted a little for the 3 months that we werent really together then i kinda stopped texting her and i was texting her friend but i was really texting her cause she was with her. and then she texted me with her phone and stuff. i asked her for a girls number and she started asking me why i wanted it and such. she didnt gave it to me. then two days later she gaves it to me and trys to talk to me. i just one word text her and she says shes going to bed with a :/ face. i just say sorry night. the she says me to...for everything that ended...night. does she want to be together again or just be friends?

Answer: thats kind of a difficult question, but i think she wants you back, i think you should just come out and ask her.

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