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Question: Is a prescription necessary to purchase glasses legally? I always thought a prescription was necessary, just like it is when purchasing a prescription drug. However, I recently ordered glasses online for the first time (from a well-known site based in North America), and there was absolutely no verification of my prescription whatsoever. They did not ask for a copy of my prescription, or even my optometrist's contact information. I just entered my data and the glasses showed up at my door. So how does this work? Would I have been breaking the law if I didn't actually have a prescription? And can anyone walk into a real-world brick & mortar store and do the same thing--just tell them the prescription and they'll make your glasses?

Answer: Except for reading glasses you should have a prescription to purchase them. It is not illegal if you do not, but if the numbers you provided to the website were not correct you won't see as well as you should. I am sure there are some places that will verify your RX with your doctor, most of the online places I order from do not verify the RX. I altered my RX one time when I ordered eyeglasses because I felt the RX I had been given by my doctor was too strong so I reduced the numbers a little. The eyeglasses the doctor prescribed made me feel dizzy and gave me headaches. I went back to the doctor twice and complained. He refused to do anything and gave me some long speech about me not being able to adjust to the correction. I went to a different doctor a few months later who listened to me and agreed that the eyeglasses previously prescribed were too strong for me. The numbers I used were almost the same as the new RX doctor prescribed. I would not suggest doing this under normal circumstances, but I was thankful that the RX was not checked in my case.

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