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Customized Vitamin

Question: Are we just customized apes? Over the last few days I have posted the two links given below which beautifully deomsnstrate common descent between man and apes. (See links below) If you take the time to read those links, you'll see that there are certain strucutres in our genetic code whcih can only be explained through common descent (as opposed to desgn). Specifically, there is no reason for either for vestigial genes, vestigial telomeres or a vestigial centromere to be present in our genetic code if we were designed. A few times, I have gotten the counter argument that God could have reused DNA strucutres from apes when he made adam.. This argument strikes me as odd for two reasons. First, the fact that there is no reason for God to have made apes and humans with a busted biochemical pathway for vitamin C synthesis or to have fused two chromsomos when making humans. Second, if the argument is that God simply used recycled DNA to create humans, how is that any different from saying we are related to apes? sam t, what is the reason then? I guess you could argue that deceit was the reason. Other than deceit, what possible reason could there be? Jo, is that a cut and paste job? Whatever it is, It fails to lay out the assumptions used in making the calculation. However, as near as I can deduce, it assumes that all five mutations have to happen at the same time. I'm not sure why that assumption is made. Perhaps you can clear this up for me.

Answer: Very true. Besides, we were supposed to be made from dirt. If that is the case why are we carbon based instead of silica based?

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