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Question: Diet plans? Do any of you know any good diet plans? I want to lose at least 20 pounds in a month and a half because I have to get in a dress. Any suggestions? I do cardio 3 times a week and work out 2 days a week, and I have decided that I need to do more cardio during the it's not like I don't exercise, I just have really bad eating habits and don't know of any good diets. And also, I hate drinking only water, and I'm addicted to pop. Any good drinks you can think of with low calories? No diet coke/pepsi though...thanks in advance =)

Answer: Free Diet Do's: Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day Each meal should contain protein, fat and carbohydrates Reduce intake of sugar and high starch carbohydrates (bread, rice, potatoes and pasta) at night Increase intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber Free Diet Helpful Hints: One of the most important keys to following a successful nutritional program is preparation. Keep healthy food available for each meal to prevent simply eating what is convenient. Give your free diet some thought and plan out what you want to eat for each meal and snack during the day. Prepare foods in bulk, if necessary, for each week. Also remember that the way in which you prepare foods is just as important as the food that you choose. Choose baking, broiling and grilling over frying and stay away from rich sauces. Free Diet Food Choices: PROTEIN SOURCES : Chicken , Turkey , Fish, and Lean Red Meats, Low Fat Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, and egg whites) CARBOHYDRATE SOURCES : Vegetables, Fruits, and Grains FAT SOURCES : Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Olives, Nuts, and Avocado FREE DIET Breakfast: 2 Burritos-1 whole egg and 3 additional egg whites, scrambled with ¼ cup shredded mozzarella. Divide up to make two burritos. You can use either corn or flour tortillas. Snack: ½ turkey sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato and mustard. One piece of fruit. Lunch: 6-8 ounces of grilled chicken, turkey, fish or lean red meat with a large baked potato or ¾ cup of cooked rice. Snack: Choice of Balance Bar or 8-ounce cup of low-fat yogurt/cottage cheese. You may have 1 piece of fruit with the yogurt or cottage cheese. Dinner: 6-8 ounces of grilled chicken, turkey, fish or lean red meat with 1 cup steamed vegetables and large salad with low-fat dressing.

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