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Question: Diet tips? Do any of you have reasonable diet tips? I want healthful tips that will still help me lose weight, i don;t want to go out of control or anything though! What are good ideas of what i should eat for breakfast, dinner, and lunch each day. i am still in school so i can't have any like special lunches really. thank you and more details are to come soon! ♥ Also, what are some foods available in LIGHT, and what food is yummy that you recommend that is light?

Answer: I'm not going to discuss actual foods but more the idea of food portion and routine. -Eat a good breakfast, this gets your metabolism up and going. -Consider trying 4-6 smaller but healthy meals instead of larger 2-3 meals as the constant food digestion will, overtime, keep your metabolism at a more consistent level for you to notice and calculate results. -WATER WATER WATER. If you are full on it, you have less room for a larger meal. Drink 8 oz before meals. -Don't eat right before bed. -Bring you lunch to school or ask about healthy alternatives (there is no reason you have to have that slice of pizza just because you are in the cafeteria). -Go easy on yourself and allow yourself to splurge and not deprive yourself especially on special occassions and as a treat for a good job. -Get support from friends and family who can encourage you with health eating and choices. Get someone who will diet with you! -Exercise - and get in the routine. Don't try to put too many new "rules" on to yourself all at once. Dieting is a marathon, not a sprint. You are attempting to change lifestyle choices, not just food choices. Good luck!

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