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Question: Dietary Supplement? I recently discovered a dietary supplement of my own. i have called every where and no one can i answer my question. My question is What steps would i have to take to get a patent how to get a copy right how to basicly get this product to be mine approved by the FDA and how to get this out in stores. Does any one Know an address a phone number or just any websites i could visit if you know any thing of this situation does not matter how big or small please let me know something

Answer: This takes a long time and it's a pretty long process. Getting your product in stores isn't all that easy, and considering your a kid it's gonna be really hard. Because for one not all diets work. It may work for you but not for others. Thats why many diets fail. Plus, it's really expensive to get a copyright and get your product out in stores. Make sure you have tried your products on many different people before running off to get this in stores nationwide. Because like I said this make work for you but not for others. There are many things to consider when you wanna do somehthing like this. And especially since it's a dietary supplement your gonna need to pay extra special attention to how it works.

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