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Dmae Pills

Question: do i need adderall please read? since i was in elementary school i been taking dmae back in the 90ish, now that i am 20 years old i still take dmae but i have to take about 7 during the day.i understand that taking 7 pills a day can damage my liver. in a regular day that requires memorization or tasks that need to be finished i tend to completely forget them or i just tend to ignore them. Its even worse when i try to focus on my classes i tend to have wondering eyes the teacher would be giving a lecture and my mind will just be frozen. Even when i am at home doing my homework or studding i would stand up multiple times walk around the room. i have zero control of this habits. i have also stopped drinking dmae since November. dmae is a supplement back in the 60ish it was use to treat ADD ADHD however it was then proven that it was not a strong medication... just in case u didnt know ... ill rather take one pill than 7 pills a day :S

Answer: In my opinion, less is more. The more stuff you pump your body full of the more you depend on it. Go to your local health food store and tell them what ails you. Ginko Biloba may help. Good luck!

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