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Question: Eating.....? Im 24 and healthy - 5'6" and 115 pounds. Recently I have been eating like non-stop. I just eat and eat and eat. I'm not even hungry. I just cant stop myself from eating. I get bored or something and I think "whats in the fridge?" I havent been gaining any weight (up and down a few pounds, like usual). I'm just wondering if there's any physiological cause for something like this?

Answer: You should talk to your doctor about it. There's probably nothing wrong - you're young and healthy, so your metabolism is probably very high. Also, you're personal life should be taken into account. Are you very active? It's probably completely normal, but there are conditions and afflictions like a tapeworm that could be cause this to happen. If it seems out of the ordinary, talk to a doctor, if not then don't worry.

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