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Question: Why the elderly who are on a small pension still have to pay taxes and file taxes every year? I think its a waste of time especially if the elderly person is very close to getting back what they pay in taxes. The elderly who are on a small pension should not have to worrying with paying and filing taxes. They have paid there dues to society. The government is so greedy. There are some that I know who still pay taxes and file every year, who have small pensions. Why won't the government just stop taking taxes out of their pensions? I believe the Bible is speaking of tithes and offerings.

Answer: i agree! its awful! i used to be a tax preparer and there were so many old ladies who would come in to file taxes thinkin they were gonna get some back.. it always turned out that their tax prep fee was more than they were getting back! i always just done their taxes for free.

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