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Enriched Grains

Question: Is enriched flour bread containing sprouted grains still a healthy choice? I love sesame seed bagels but am also trying to make whole grain choices. I recently found some tasty 'Sprouted Wheat Sesame' bagels made by Trader Joe's. To my dismay, I find the first ingredient on the nutrition label is 'enriched unbleached flour'. Does the whole grain health benefit still apply since they also contain sprouted wheat berries? This topic is so confusing!

Answer: Enriched flour is just white flour with nutrients added back in. When white flour is made, the wheat is stripped of all nutrients and then they add them back in after the flour is processed. Since its the first ingredient on the label, that means that the bagels are made of white flour and whole grain does not apply. In order for a product to be whole grain, the first ingredient must be whole wheat or whole grain flour and the second ingredient must NOT be enriched unbleached flour.....You don't want to see this listed in any of the ingredients if you are eating whole grain products. Its extremely important to read the ingredient labels then to just go by what is said on the front of the packaging.

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