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Exercise Induced Asthma

Question: How can I start running with my exercise-induced asthma? I have exercise-induced asthma. I take Advair twice a day and a rescue inhaler immediately before exercise (as prescribed by my doctor). I want to start running and rejoin a sports team I had to quit. Any advice? I have a gym at my disposal. Basically if anyone has suggested training routines, little tips about breathing, etc. that'd be great. I know nothing basically. I really want to get back into shape!

Answer: I have exercise induced asthma as well. I take it pre-run as well and I carry it with me. I run about 5 miles on average a day and I take very big inhales in and hold it and let it go. Its taken me a while to get a system that works. You really just want to think mentally, about your breathing..listen to how you breath, are you fast, puffy etc. Slow it up and take big inhales ever so often and slow exhales out. Its all about mentality.

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