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Question: When will the FA introduce video replays for referees? With the permiership season only just started, and a few doubious decisions already, when will the FA introduce video playback for the referee or 4th official. It has worked well in Rugby for years and is now working well in both tennis and cricket. Surley it's time the FA moved forward and followed suit. It would also stop the players arguing with the Ref if it's shown on the big screens that most clubs have. I'm sure all this arguing with the Ref spills over to the fans on the street after the game causing more agro and more policing.

Answer: Couldn't agree with you more. I've been calling for this to happen but football's big wigs seem intent on holding the game back whilst other sports are getting the benefit. It doesn't take long for an incident to be reviewed by the referee, or even the fourth official while he is on the line, and controversial decisions like penalty decisions like old trafford yesterday, Anfield recently and even David Healy's goal that was never given would be no more and i think the game would be the better for it. sometimes the game finishes and you feel robbed. Sympathy to spurs fans for yesterday as well. Video replay would of been ideal.

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