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Fat Epidemic

Question: When did the "fat" epidemic begin? It's obvious that being obese is now an epidemic. When did that start? Well, Anonymous, thank you for the information, but you didn't answer my question. WHEN does not mean HOW or WHY.

Answer: I personally think it is caused by a lot of things. With the newer generations, people have gotten lazier. Technology has helped us be even more lazy. From cars to scooters to buses and trains. Not that we should walk everywhere, but the average American especially (I am American, yes) seems to have an issue with not wanting to walk at all. I see people at the grocery stores that are very obese - and I can see it before they get out of their car, because it's that bad and they are that big. They will sit waiting for 10 minutes on a "front door" parking space at a store, rather than walk the distance of 15 or 20 parking spaces, which is only a couple hundred feet at most. Fast food was introduced. People who work crazy shifts, they don't want to bother with bringing anything with them for lunch, so all they eat for breakfast, lunch and sometimes supper is McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, etc. Edit: There is absolutely no way to tell for sure "when" it began. The only thing you can do is list when fast food restaurants first opened and there was a boom of fast food businesses. But that doesn't cause fat people instantly, either. So that's quite hard to deterine, and I don't think anyone has an answer to that.

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