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Fine Tea

Question: what is the best tea to impress a fine young lady with delicate sensibilities as? I can hardly taste a Guinness Stout and a good cigar when I am alive. And I hear the fairer sex enjoys some good tea.I am absolutely clueless in this area and some Lady's have been keeping a keen eye on me deciding who gets me next and I want to at least have half of a quarter of a head start on them when they come looking for me to take them to dinner. As you know wine is not so 'Cool' with some these days Tea is in. (not political)

Answer: For black ("stout") teas: a Darjeeling is like muscatel, a Keemun (qi men) like burgundy. For green teas, a Dragon Well, Bi Lo Chun, or Gyokuro are all top shelf. For white tea ("the champagne of teas"), I'm mostly partial to White Peony (Bai Mu Dan). But some people go nuts over Silver Needle. Shoot me an email if you have more Q's. I've been rolling out a "tea guide" on my site but not fast enough I'm afraid

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