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Gain Big Muscles Fast

Question: How to gain Muscles really fast.? Im a 15 year old teen and in High school seeing all these guys with Muscles all over. But me, I dont have any. Im on summer break. I was just wondering what is the fast way to gain big muscles over summer break.

Answer: there isn't for your age sorry. The reason is, because at your age your not producing excessive testosterone that would encourage muscle growth. If you want to bulk up, go to the gym three days a week for two hours, make sure you leave at least a day inbetween or you could seriously damage yourself. (and probably your school work) Keep at it and eventualy you will see some improvment. exactly how much depends on you and the exercises you do) protein shakes and energy drinks ========================== Now theres loads of supliments available on the market, the best way to choose is by using this simple rule; If it looks to good to be true it is, A lot will promise instant mucle but they don't have a great scientific backing. What you need is a good energy drink (even lukazade will be better than nothing) and make sure you eat plenty of protein (meat) to help repair your muscles. I don't know wether you know this but the only way to build muscle (for anybody) is by damaging the muscle strands (through exercise) and repairing by taking protein. that is the only way to build muscle! Hope that helped.

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