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Ginko Extract

Question: Ginko Biloba: Is This Safe? Im only 15 but have been self medicating with ginko biloba 5 htp and a bunch of otehr vitamins for like 6 months. I also take zentra now whihc is nagnolia bark extract, GABA, phenibut and Picamilon. I also take a multivitamin, fish oill pills. vitmamin d, b6, b12 and some others...Im wondering if perhaps this is unhealthy and i am putting too much stuff in my body...but it seems to have helped but htere is little evidence with ginko and 15 yr im concerned i coul be poisoning myself...thanks btw i use these products for depression and anxiety

Answer: MJ, poison ivy is herbal, is it safe? the purpose of supplements is to act as a replacement for something you don't have in your diet, for example if you are are vegan you might need protein or calcium supplements. if you have a balanced diet than you simply don't need to be taking vitamins or supplements. further more the claims made about different vitamin products, like "supports the immune system" or "boosts energy" are so vague that there is no requirement for them to back up the claims with evidence. the odds are that you are wasting your money.

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