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Goji Berry Juice

Question: Has anyone trid Acai berry in any form such as Juice, power, pills? There's so much rave about this and goji berry that it has made me curious about it. If anyone has tried it, please give me some feedback on it. There are so many different brands and forms like pills, powder, juice, gel and I dont know which one to try or which was is best if any. If there is anyone out there who recommends it please specify a brand that I can try out. I know about the berry as far as its nutritional value and purpose, but I wanted to know if anyone had any success with it as far as healthy skin, better immune system, dietary supplement? If you have had success and seen it work personally, please let me know and what brand or kind you used.

Answer: I have had acai smoothies (which it was the berry itself with apple juice) and have eaten them raw with granola. It has a very unique flavor. When I first ordered it I was told by the person behind the counter that it tasted like blueberries and chocolate mixed together. You can slightly taste that combination, but there is not one thing I have found that I can compare the taste to. It is suppose to be healthy by: The açaí berry is an antioxidant which has been shown to reduce the prevention of heart and vascular disease. It has been used as an antibacterial mix in Brazil. Because acai is one of the richest sources of antioxidants, dietary supplements or other products made with the berries are being widely promoted. The Acai berry contains the most highly concentrated forms of anthocyanins, which are antioxidants. The anthocyanin content in the acai is higher than a glass of red wine, and since wine made from grapes has very high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanins, the polyphenols in red wine are believed to diminish the effects of a fatty diet and smoking. Therefore, the properties in acai may help improve eyesight. Antioxidants are known to fight and regulate cholesterol levels in the body. The acai berry plays a large role in maintaining the cardiovascular system, which is important for better blood circulation. Acai is widely used as a powder extract, which is more powerful than in another form. In addition, acai can be found in supplements such as resveracine, which has now become a popular supplement for those who wish to lower their cholesterol and improve their cardiovascular health. There is approximately 630 mg of acai in resveracine, and has helped in ridding the body of free radicals, and improve cell growth. While antioxidants are derived from natural substances to help fight the damaging effects of free radicals in the body, the acai berry can help boost your body’s immune system and defend against free radical damage.

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