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Good Fats

Question: What foods arte high in protein and good fats but not so high in carbs? Nuts? I'm on a high calorie diet but i try to eat in godd ratios and get enough carbs so i want to balance it out with more good fats and protein. For example if i eat pasta which is high in carbs but not so high in protein and good fats, what could i eat after it or with it to increase the amount of protein and good fats i take in, in that meal?

Answer: The protein myth is a big one and often misunderstood by many. In actual fact, we absolutely do not need protein from meat and it do more harm than any good. A typical meat-eating diet often relies on protein for 30% of its calories. Our body cannot store excess protein. Excessive protein has been linked to many health problems such as osteoporosis and kidney problems. Protein from plant source which is plentiful in soya products, nuts seeds and whole grains is sufficient. In reality, it is near impossible to be deficient in protein.

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