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Question: Hair!!!!!!!!? does anyone know where i can get a japanese hair perm done in seattle for about $300.00? P.S. my hair is curly but can get very straight when i flatten it. i was planning in investing for one, but i need to know more information on it like, how long would it take, would it work well in my hair etc. if you ever had one, would you reccomend it for my texture hair??? please help:) thanks

Answer: If your hair is very curly, perms can look they don't really last that long, especially for the price. My hair is crazy, but I got a Chi Straightener and it works amazingly. Plus they're about 100$ and last much longer than a perm. The time depends on length, and also how good you are at it. As you get better/more experienced, it takes less time. I'm not, like, whoring out that particular brand, it's just that I've had a few and this works the best on getting rid of the poofiness..and you could probably find them at a lot of hair salons in Seattle..

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