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Healing With Whole Food

Question: Has anyone ever done a Parasite Purge? I'm reading Paul Pitchford's 'Healing with Whole Foods' & based on his descriptions, the Parasite Purge sounds like it might help me, but I'd like to hear about other people's experience.

Answer: Most Americans have parasites and don't even know it or don't believe it..... Most cancer patients have parasites and conventional Dr.s aren't trained well enough in this area.. If you can find a some one who practices Holistic medicine they can do blood testing to see what infections you might have...I had one done and yeast, fungus and parasites were found....The treatment is long but well worth it for your healths sake.... Parasite purging is a good idea but it doesn't have to be costly so make an educated decision on what products you use...One should do so at least 2 x a year to ensure better health...Good luck!

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