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Question: health issues? i recently had cancer and now all my doctors are trying to make me gain weight becuase im only 83.5 pounds and im 5'6!!please help i eat almost every two hours and never throw up and i cant gain weight! does any1 have some foods high in calories u want to suggest? or anything to help me gain some weight! (bytheway sitting on the couch all day and eating junk food doesnt help)

Answer: Hey Sophia, Doctors tell you part of the story...girl it might take your body just a little longer to readjust to the fact that you are eating. Drink ensure various flavors I am a 10 yr survivior it took me what seemed like forever to shed my skeleton look, have your docs given you an appetite stimulator.All the drugs that invaded your body on your road to recovering from cancer have taken their toll. Continue to eat all your favorite foods,if you are comfortable eating q 2hrs stick with that,once your body gets over the shock you wil be fine. You will continously be in my prayers.Doctors have the conception that they have all the answers.....their job was to get you through the surgery,mission complete.........God has been in control from day one.You will pickup weight thats a given.Hugs/prayers

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