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Question: What are some of the interesting ways to consume health products like essence of chicken? We know that health products usually come with their own taste and not everyone can take it as it is. Instead some drink it chilled, mix it with porridge, or use it as a seasoning in their food. Do you know of other interesting ways to drink it?

Answer: I love soups for the nourishment and comfort they provide. They fill your tummy and warm your heart. This is my Shortcut recipe I use for those time I need extra-nutrition within limited time. Recipe - 2 bottles of Chicken essence - 200gr pork rib (to make the soup "fat" & sweet) - 1 large soup bowl boiling water - 1 soup spoon cognac (optional) Herbs (English name) Wolfberries Codonopsis Pilosula Polygonatum Officinale Chinese Angelica Red dates They're prepacked and sold a lot in super market/wet market Prepare & Cook: 30-45min (normal ways will take you 2-3h but this is a "shortcut" remember?): 1. Washpork rib and place it in a crockpot. 2. Rinse all herbs and throw them in. 3. Add 1 large soup bowl of boiling hot water. 4. Add 1 soup spoon of cognac, if desired. 5. Boil for 45 min . Skim off oil/fat you see from the surface. 6. Pour the 2 bottles of Chiken essence into the pot and take down. 7. Eat with rice or just the soup and enjoy the healthy food prepared in the shortest time.

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