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Question: home business? hi thanks for checking out my question. i would like to open a home business. does anyone have any ideas for a home business? anything will help. i just need a spark.thanks

Answer: Looking at some of the answers that you have received, I believe the direction they have been giving you is more like working for another party from home rather than a home business. As to what home businesses you can do, well it depends on a few factors. Let me start by highlighting that you have to do a SWOT analysis of yourself first before even contemplating starting a home business (SWOT - Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat analysis). The reason you should do this is to determine if this is the right time to start a business. I did this when I started mine. Take a piece of paper and list out your stregths and weaknesses. Check around to see what opportunities you have as well as what threats would face you should you decide to enter the business. I suggest that after you list out your strengths, find a partner/s who can complement you and cover your weaknesses. Find out from your strengths and passions/hobbies what is a workable business (i.e. a small home bakery if you are good at baking or freelance website designing if you are good Dreamweaver etc.) and than start doing a business plan. When you do your business plan, it is important to note especially your cashflow. Always make sure you have a positive cashflow else you will encounter huge problems later on. There are lots of other factors such as legalities, environment and abilities but I will assume that you will do your homework. As to some ideas, will not knowing what your strengths are i'll just shoot a couple. 1) Home Bakery 2) Freelance design 3) Internet Trading 4) Doll Making (Don't laugh, US$29 Bil Industry) 5) Home Pornography (Just threw this in as Porn has always been a big industry) Hope this sparks you!

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