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Hoodia Cactus

Question: Can a 16 year old normal weight girl take hoodia cactus pills for weight loss? i am a normal weight but not happy with my size , would like to lose a little weight but find it hard so i was just wondering if it would be alright to take them? and i know some people will say that they don't work but id like to find that out for myself.......thanks! : )

Answer: I'm sure your weight is fine.... BUT anyways, DRINK PU-ERH TEA! Drink 4 mugs of Pu Erh tea a day. You can get it from Whittards, it may seem like a lot of money but you can re-use 1 tea bag 5-7 times! You can lose 5 pounds in a week, even more!!!! I'm not joking, honestly! You can even look it up on google! Also cut off the sugar, brown bread not white bread, 86% dark chocolate (not bourneville) instead of milk chocolate, get exercise, fidget, healthy cereal bars etc. There. :):) Good luck and thanks for reading! Honestly, I bet you can lose lots of weight just from doing all of them easy, little things.

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