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Question: How can I improve my health and immune system? About three years ago, my immune system was awesome! I hardly ever got ill and cut, scratches and even fairly major wounds healed quickly. I felt generally healthy. But now at 18 my health is the worst its ever been- I seem to catch a fair few colds, i'm constantly cold (toes and finger especially), my fitness is fairly good, I run at least once a week, do jujitsu and usually fit some other exercise in, I eat relatively healthily and take vitamins occasionally (although I admit to being fairly forgetfull on this one), I'm a vegetarian and always have been (don't know if this matters) A fewe people have suggested that it's stress related. I'm a second year a level student with the ambition of studting veterinary sceince. I have a fairly big worload but not unmanagable so I don't see why it should be stressed (I study physics, chem and biol). Family life isn't great but I don't see how this would effect my health? Soooo (sorry, not so breif) How can I geat my health back? Any ideas?

Answer: Stress CAN damage your immune system. From what you say, I get the feeling that you aren't eating right, and that you are probably considered somewhat "skinny". A balanced diet would include more animal protein, and would undoubted be better for your condition.

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