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Question: What happens if you can't afford your new, improved health care? Starting in 2014 (?) everyone will be required to purchase health care coverage, or they will be fined annually, right? What happens if you can't afford it? I understand that there is a fine for those who choose not to pay, but what if you are simply unable to pay for it? Surely they can't throw you in jail for being poor?

Answer: I'm asking the same thing..husband's a cancer victim, I'm the wife who's unemployed, can't find any work(2yrs.), there's no additional income for anything, except the necessary living cost bills, and we are later in life parents of a ten year old child, who has CHP + so she's covered. This family of 3 currently only lives on disability income month to month. This wife has no health insurance. Husband can't afford anything more, so is this wife going to jail?

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