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Is Whey Protein Good

Question: Designer Whey protein good while just focusing on treadmill? I was just wondering because i just bought designer whey protein, and was thinking is it good to use that while running because i want to have a nice leaned toned body but i need to repair the muscles in my obdomenial because i always get pain there after im done ? Plus i was wondering does this protein powder in someway make you lose weight?

Answer: Medical research shows that consuming too much protein -- more than 30% of your total daily caloric intake -- could actually harm your body. Adding more protein but not more calories or exercise to your diet won't help you build more muscle mass, but it may put your other bodily systems under stress. Ideally, you should consume 0.36 grams of protein for every pound of body weight, according to recommended daily allowances (RDA) set by the Food and Nutrition Board. So if you weigh 170 pounds, you need about 61 grams of protein each day. Athletes and fitness advocates may claim benefits for whey protein based on their personal or professional experience. These are individual opinions and testimonials that may or may not be supported by controlled clinical studies or published scientific articles on whey protein. In other words exercise, eat sensibly and enjoy natural protein in your everyday diet.

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