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Keep Healthy Through Grooming

Question: How can an ugly guy become beautiful? Believe it or not, I used to be beautiful during my second year of high school. After lack of sleep, depression, and a handful of life problems that I still deal with everyday my looks have become very foul. All I want to know is how an ugly guy like me can look good so people don't criticize me badly, insult me, or make my chances of getting a job after high school impossible. I already try my best to keep healthy skin, fit and make sure I'm groomed well- but because of my daily struggles it's hard for me to be consistent with looking good and believing in myself. So, any tips on how an ugly guy can be good looking would be appreciated and any answers from people who have been through the same situation would be helpful too.

Answer: it's simple if you think you're ugly, you are ugly... if you quit calling yourself ugly and believe you're beautiful, other people will believe it too

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