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Low Cholesterol Diet

Question: What are some good foods on a low cholesterol diet? Like meals, snacks, drinks, etc. I'm already physically active so I got that part down. But are there some certain excercises that I should be doing?

Answer: for snacking I take coolwhip and add goodies like peanuts, almonds, walnuts that lower cholesterol and then freeze it- and i switched to fat-free cholesterol free smart balance, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc... and i eat the pop smart cholesterol free single serve popcorn meals- for dinner I eat chicken and I make a 7-10 multi bean chili and add oats that actually work well- oats lower cholesterol and so do so many dry beans. becareful of instant oatmeal tho- all the extras in it can raise bad cholesterol levels drinks- skim milk, and any thing that has no cholesterol in it I even use smart balance other products and drink skim milk etc... my cholesterol went down 16 points in 5 months and I cut down on snaking and am losing about 2/3 lbs a week and for cheese- most fat-free are so ver gross- so try the lower-fat kinds and exercises help lower some fat &cholesterol- but mostly diet lowers cholesterol- exercise helps but you have to diet to do it and it's easy to diet too now days because almost all dairy has fat-free- I buy fat-free/cholesterol free cottage cheese, cream cheese, coolwhip to make a frozen dessert-so yummy), etc...

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