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Low Fat Diet

Question: How does a low fat diet work? I know that with a low carb diet, because you are not replenishing your carbohydrates by eating them, your body has to go into your "stored carbs" for energy and when that it gone it goes to your "stored fat". So what happens when you don't eat fat? I know your body needs some fats for health, but when you are on a low fat high carb diet and are not eating fats does it go into your fat stores to get them? I know ultimately it is about calories in versus calories out but I still want to know what is happening inside our bodies.

Answer: The idea behind the low fat diets is that fat has more calories per ounce than carbohydrates. In other words, a shoebox full of fat has almost twice as many calories as a shoebox full of carbohydrates. So by eating your volume of food in carbohydrates, you are effectively limiting your caloric intake. Now your body burns food much like a fire. If you but shredded paper (carbs) in a fire, it will burn first and fast, whereas if you put a log (fat) in the fire, it will burn long and slow. Your body will burn it's carbs before it burns fat. The principle is the same as a low carb diet. On the low carb diet, you burn the small amount of carbs quickly, then move to the fat you ate, then to the fat on your body. The low-fat diet works the same way, only this time you take a little longer to burn all your carbs, but then since you ate no fat, you move straight to the body fat. Hope this makes sense.

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