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Question: major..................? Okay, next year I will be going to college so I am visiting around and trying to get a feel for the ones I like. When I set up tours, they asked for my possible major-which surprised me. I hadn't even thought about it! I have wanted to be a doctor ever since I got a job helping out at a surgery clinic. I have been able to keep good grades in high school...(maybe a 3.75 GPA?) and I am a very goal oriented person. However, I have always had this nagging feeling like I wouldn't make it in college. Is this common? I am just very intiminated by college..everyone says it is ridicuosly hard. I have great study habits and I pay attention to my teacher but I am still worried......Also, what would be a good major for me? besides pre-med. I just need some reassurance I suppose. Thanks!

Answer: Okay, listen here, you! You HAVE to go to college!!! 3.75 - that's a GREAT GPA!! You have absolutely nothing to be intimidated about. Furthermore you have an idea of what you want to do and some experience working at a surgery clinic. Here is what you have to do: be a Biology major or Pre-Med or do a double major allowing you to have options. You are way too smart to not be going to college. But by all means stick wiht the sciences. They have the best job opportunities. go for it and don't let other people tell you that anything is too hard for you. they might be lazy or not as smart as you. you are perfect college material, and i know because i work in a university.

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